Arbitration Costs

Myths and Realities in Investment Treaty Arbitration

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  • : Oxford University Press
  • : 15/11/2019
  • : 9780190054434
  • : Anglais
398 pages


"As the title of this important new book promises, Professor Franck tackles the vexing myths of costs in investment treaty arbitration by illuminating the realities. She starts with the foundation of hard data, after doing readers the favor of explaining the necessary empirical methods and cognitive psychology concepts in plain English, and then offers thoughtful analysis of that data against the conventional wisdom that guides (or misguides) ISDS participants. Professor Franck's strict neutrality means that, to borrow her words, there is "something for everyone" in this study." - Professor Lucy Reed, Director of the Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore "As the international community engages in an often emotionaI re-assessment of the substance and procedure of international investment law, Susan Franck offers an assessment which is empirically based and rigorously analyzed. Franck respects the data she has assembled and, as in all of her work, her conclusions are judicious and balanced. This is an indispensable book." - .W. Michael Reisman, Myre S. McDougal Professor of International Law, Yale Law School "Professor Franck has written an extremely interesting analysis of costs in investment treaty arbitration. Her use of empirical, legal and psychological research creates a fascinating and very useful way to approach this topic and will certainly inform the approach of policymakers and decision-makers in this field." - Meg Kinnear, Secretary-General of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) at the World Bank "Once again, Professor Franck is offering us er ighly toptca co echon o empirical data, her strong analysis and her provocative findings, focusing on costs of international arbitration. No doubt her research will make the international arbitration community, but also its endusers and decision-makers in international law, think carefully about recent developments, weaknesses and excesses of the system. A very timely and much-needed analysis." - Anne Joubin-Bret, Secretary, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law "Professor Franck's book embodies the best of interdisciplinary thinking, blending international law, economic analysis, cognitive psychology, globalization, and dispute resolution into a data-driven, cost-centric and novel approach to the resolution of investment treaty disputes. Any deep thinker interested in any of the subfields that comprise Franck's work will find the book horizon-expanding and entertaining. For professionals involved more directly in investment treaty dispute resolution, its rigor and prescriptions render it a must-read." - Richard Birke, Director, JAMS Institute
ISBN13 978-0-19-005443-4
EAN 9780190054434
Titre Arbitration Costs
Sous-titre Myths and Realities in Investment Treaty Arbitration
Date de parution 15/11/2019
Nombre de pages 398
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Auteur(s) Susan D. Franck
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