Bussiness Law guide to Belgium

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The Buisness Law Guide to Belgium is essential reading for all compagnies doing buisness in Belgium, as well as for their legal advisers. This book is a time-and money-saving companion that deals with the legal aspects of most commercial scenarios from a pratical point of view.

Topics covered in the book include company law, mergers and acquisitions, accounting law, taxation and tax law, customs and excise law, financial law, employment law, residence and work permits, distribution law, E-commerce rules, intellectual poperty law, antitrust law, unfair trade practices, poperty law, environmental law, state aid rules, product liability law, data-protection rules, judicial composition and bankruptcy, and litigation and arbitration.

Written by a team of Belgian lawyers at Van Bael & Bellis, this book reflects their day-to-day experience with respect to the complex legal issues that arise under Belgian buisness law. This book is the only comprehensive treatise of Belgian buisness law avaible in English.

Established in 1986, Van Bael & Bellis is one of the few independant international firms based in Brussels. It advises companies from around the world on international trade law, antitrust law and Belgian buisness law, including corporate transactions and litigation.

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ISBN 978-2-8027-1775-1
Date de parution 09/09/2003
Nombres de pages 942
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Langue Français
Auteur(s) Van Bael & Bellis
Editeur Bruylant
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Bussiness Law guide to Belgium
Bussiness Law guide to Belgium
161,25 €