Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union

What Place for Consumer Protection ?

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Consumers are increasingly exposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their daily lives, either through their own actions or through third parties who subject them to AI (e.g. via connected devices or digital applications). In this context, a major tension emerges between, on the one hand, the technological contributions of AI that underpin consumers behaviour and, on the other hand, consumer protection, mainly due to the risks posed by AI.

Against this backdrop, this collective work explores the interplay between AI governance and consumer protection from a European Union market perspective. In that respect, an analysis of the existing and future European governance is conducted in order to assess its capacity to meet the various challenges posed by AI. In particular, the effectiveness of consumer protection and fundamental rights in the EU digital market calls for a regulatory ecosystem that fosters trust and therefore, upstream, transparency, accuracy and explainability of AI systems. The book explores normative paths - from hard law to standardisation - and other tools of monitoring and supervision - from ethics to media literacy - that could progressively lead to a fair, comprehensive and balanced governance of AI in the Union.

Overall, this holistic analysis of European consumer protection in the AI regulatory ecosystem contributes to rethink the figure of the consumer, its contours, and its place in the digital market.

Préface de Axel Voss.
Edited by Marion Ho-Dac and Cécile Pellegrini.
Cet ouvrage rassemble les contributions de : Patrick Bezombes, Camille Bourguignon, Michel Cannarsa, Céline Castets-Renard, Laurence Devillers, Thibault Douville,Catalina Goanta, Marion Ho-Dac, Fabienne Jault-Seseke, Eva Lein, Nathalie Nevejans, Adriana Nugter,Pietro Ortolani, Ludovic Pailler, Enrico Panai, Julie Pascau, Kirtan Padh, Cécile Pellegrini, PascalPichonnaz, Elise Poillot, Juliette Sénéchal, Eva Thelisson, Tina van der Linden, Himanshu Verma et Pauline Willem.

ISBN13 978-2-8027-7298-9
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Titre Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union
Sous-titre What Place for Consumer Protection ?
Date de parution 14/09/2023
Nombre de pages 416
Type d'ouvrage Colloques, études et rapports
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Auteur(s) Cécile Pellegrini,Marion Ho-Dac
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