Legal Writing

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To Learn to be a good Legal writer is to learn how to be a good lawyer. Good legal writing based on ethical awareness is fundamentat to tawyering. Legal Writing: Academic and Professional Communication emphasises the link between legal writing and ethics, guiding readers through each phase of the writing process and supporting them to develop effective legal writing skills essentiel for both academic and professionat contexts. This book covers types of academic writing commonly encountered by undergraduate and postgraduate law students including case notes, problem questions and essays. lt els() explores specific forms of legal writing required in the profession, through client letters and internat memoranda to appellate briefs, standard forms and precedents, reports and legislation. A comprehensive resource for ongoing reference, the book provides a holistic view of legal writing, helping novice writers to understand their ethical obligations and develop a professionat voice. Key Features: • Practical guidance and exemples across a range of genres to provide grounding in good writing techniques • Exercises, questions for reflection and further reading at the end of each chapter to help students hone their legal writing skills • Extensive learning materials including a grammar primer, theories of writing and comparative tables outlining professional rules Paula Baron is Professor of Law and Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce at La Trobe University. Lillian Corbin is an Associate Professor in the School of Law at the University of New England.

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Auteur(s) Lillian Corbin, Paula Baron
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Legal Writing - Lillian Corbin - Paula Baron |
Legal Writing
58,00 €