Prosecuting Corporations for Genocide

Foreword by Luis Moreno-Ocompo
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« Prosecuting Corporations for Genocide proposes a new horizon for international criminal justice. Kelly explores the potential of including corporations under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and suggests a viable path for so doing....I applaud his invitation to reopen this much-needed conversation with fresh arguments coined by an experienced mind... » Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Founding Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court « Corporations without conscience do as serves their profit. In their calculation of risk, being held responsible for atrocities and human rights violations does not play a major role. Holding them criminally responsible as legal persons would change this. The author proves by looking at the Nuremberg precedent that individual liability of industrialists is not enough in the fight against genocide. » Christoph Safferling, Professor of International Criminal Law, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany « When corporations do not respond to the carrot of praise for social responsibility, they may need to be hit with the stick of criminal prosecution, particularly when their activities amount to complicity in genocide. Although there has been much talk about the criminal law option, it remains largely dormant. This thoughtful book becomes the standard reference for the law and practice in this field. » William Schabas, Professor of International Law, Middlesex University, London « The subject matter of this book is very timely. As the international community struggles to identify ways to respond to international crimes, the global corporate actor as perpetrator has escaped scrutiny. This book changes that. Kelly offers cogent theories of international criminal liability and concrete proposals for discrete amendments to the operative legal frameworks. Readers will benefit from Kelly's technical acuity as well as his long-standing passion to bring justice to the victims of the worst crimes known to humankind. » Beth Van Schaack, Leah Kaplan Visiting Professor in Human Rights, Stanford Law School Foreword by Luis Moreno-Ocompo, Founding Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

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Auteur(s) Michael J. Kelly
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Prosecuting Corporations for Genocide - Michael J. Kelly |
Prosecuting Corporations for Genocide
75,00 €