Regionalism in International Investment Law

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Regionalism in International Investment Law provides a multinational perspective on international investment law. In it, distinguished academics and practitioners provide a critical and comprehensive understanding of issues in a field which has grown exponentially in its importance particularly over the last decade, focusing on the European Union, Australia, North America, Asia, and China.

The book approaches the field of foreign direct investment from both academic and practical viewpoints and analyzes different bilateral, regional, and multinational agreements, often yielding competing perspectives. The academic perspective yields a strong conceptual foundation to often misunderstood elements of international investment law. The practical perspective aids those actively pursuing foreign direct investment in better understanding the landscape, identifying potential conflicts which may arise, in more accurately assessing the risk underlying the issues in conflict and in resolving those issues.

Thorny issues relating to global commerce, sovereignty, regulation, expropriation, dispute resolution, and investor protections are covered, depicting how they have developed and are applied in different regions of the world. These different treatments ensure that readers are able to grasp the subject matter at multiple levels and provide a comprehensive overview of developments in the field of foreign direct investment.

Edited by Leon E. Trakman and Nicola W. Ranieri.

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Date de parution 15/04/2013
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Auteur(s) Leon E. Trakman, Nicola W. Ranieri
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Regionalism in International Investment Law - Leon E. Trakman - Nicola W. Ranieri |
Regionalism in International Investment Law
113,60 €