Revisiting Van Gend en Loos

Sous la direction d'Hélène Ruiz fabri, Guy F. Sinclair, Arie Rosen
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Fifty years have passed since the European Court of Justice gave what is arguably its most consequential decision: Van Gend en Loos. The UMR de droit comparé de Paris, the European Journal of International Law (EJIL), and the International Journal of Constitutional Law (I.CON) decided to mark this anniversary with a workshop, held in Paris end of June 2013, on the case and the myriad of issues surrounding it. In orientation our purpose was not to celebrate' Van Gend en Loos, but to revisit the case critically; to problematize it; to look at its distinct bright side but also at the dark side of the moon; to examine its underlying assumptions and implications and to place it in a comparative context, using it as a yardstick to explore developments in other regions in the world. The result is a set of articles which both individually and as a whole demonstrate the legacy and the ongoing relevance of this landmark decision.

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Date de parution 09/12/2014
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Revisiting Van Gend en Loos -  Collectif |
Revisiting Van Gend en Loos
35,00 €