Situational Judgment Test

For European institution competitions

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  • : ORSEU Concours
  • : Tests EPSO
  • : 18/11/2013
  • : 9782918796121
  • : Anglais
236 pages


This new, completely revised and extended edition is designed for all candidates taking European institution competitions who wish to prepare in the best possible way for the situational judgment test.

The situational judgment test assesses the behaviour and decision-making capability of candidates in a working environment. Each question describes a work-related scenario and gives a set of four possible actions that might be taken in response. Candidates must choose the action they believe to be most effective and the action they believe to be least effective.

To succeed in this test, candidates must approach each question as a rote play exercise and set oside their own professional experience. They must answer each question on the basis of the information given in the scenario and on what is expected of them in terms of competencies and good professional practice. They must be able to rank actions by using the most appropriate criteria: degree of problem resolution, degree of priority, life positions, etc.

The admission tests for the European institutions are highly selective. Success in the situational judgment test is primarily a motter of method and training.

This book will help you increase your chances of success significantly. If includes: - a detailed methodology illustrated by numerous examples;
- 6 tests of 20 questions each;
- a detailed explanation of the answers to each question;
- a score chart per competency.

The questions in this book are similar to those set in the competitions run by EPSO since 2010. They are different from those in our previous publication, from those in our training courses and from those in our online tests.
ISBN13 978-2-918796-12-1
EAN 9782918796121
Titre Situational Judgment Test
Sous-titre For European institution competitions
Date de parution 18/11/2013
Nombre de pages 236
Type d'ouvrage Manuels, précis et mémentos
Support Livre
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Jean-Luc Bizeur, Emmanuel Hetru, Claire Mercier
Editeur / Collection / Sous-collection ORSEU Concours / Tests EPSO
Thème Droit > Droit européen > Droit institutionnel
Thème secondaire Concours & Examens > Prépa examens > Autres examens
Format Papier

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