The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin

Edited by Wil Waluchow and Stefan Sciaraffa
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Wil Waluchow is a Professor of Philosophy at McMaster University, and the Senator William McMaster Chair in Constitutional Studies. His published works include: Ph,ilosophical Foundations of the Nature of Law (Oxford, 2013, co-authored with Stefan Sciaraf'fa), and A Common Law Theory of Judicial Review: The Living Tree (2007). Stefan Sciaraffa is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at McMaster University. He specializes in the philosophy of law as well as social, moral, and political philosophy. He has published widely in a number of law and philosophy journals including the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, and European Journal of Philosophy. Contributors: Lawrence A. Alexander, Aditi Baga-1i, David O. Brink, Thomas Christiane, Candice Delmas, Lufs Duarte d'Almeida, David Dyzenhaus, Christopher Essert, Michael Giudice, Daniel Halliday, Kenneth Einar Himma, Joseph Raz, Connie S. Rosati, Lawrence G. Sager, Stefan Sciaraffa, Hamish Stewart, François Tanguay-Renaud, Wil Waluchow.

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Auteur(s) Stefan Sciaraffa, Wil Waluchow
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The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin
The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin
77,00 €