The Transformation of International Environmental Law

Edited by Yann Kerbrat and Sandrine Maljean-Dubois

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  • : Pedone
  • : 15/05/2011
  • : 9782233006189
338 pages


Faced with environmental challenges which are international law has emerged as an essential instrument for state cooperation and an influential element in the harmonization and revitalization of domestic laws. At the same time international law has had to adapt; law-making has become more innovative and fresh mechanisms for implementation have been created. Over the last thirty years international environmental law has therefore experienced significant normative and institutional change. The authors of the present book set out to emphasize these changes, showing how environmental challenges have shaken and sometimes transformed the core categories and concepts of international law. Thus, in addition to being a book about environmental law, this is a work which also charts the way in which international protection of the environment has disrupted general international law.
This book is the fruit of a longstanding collaborative project carried out at the Centre for International and European Studies and Research (CERIC). The publication in May 2010 of the French version of the proceedings of an international symposium held under the aegis of the French Society for International Law in Aix-en-Provence in June 2009 drew the first conclusions: Le droit face aux enjeux environnementaux, (Paris, Pedone, 2010). The present book takes them up partly and extends the lessons learned, this time in English.

Yann Kerbrat is Professor at the Paul Cézanne University (Aix-Marseille III) and Vice-Director of the Center of International and European Studies (CERIC).
Sandrine Maljean-Dubois is a CNRS Senior Researcher and Director of the Center of International and European Studies (CERIC).
ISBN13 978-2-233-00618-9
EAN 9782233006189
Titre The Transformation of International Environmental Law
Sous-titre Edited by Yann Kerbrat and Sandrine Maljean-Dubois
Date de parution 15/05/2011
Nombre de pages 338
Type d'ouvrage Colloques, études et rapports
Support Livre
Langue Français
Auteur(s) Yann Kerbrat, Sandrine Maljean-Dubois
Editeur / Collection / Sous-collection Pedone
Thème Droit > Droit de l'environnement
Thème secondaire Droit > Droit international et étranger > Droit international privé
Co-éditeur Hart
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