Valuation Techniques

Discounted Cash Flow, Earnings Quality, Measures of Value Added, and Real Options
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"This compilation includes the classics of valuation from leading theoreticians and practitioners. It covers the evolving thought processes of several decades and brings into focus the questions faced and answered by different generations of investors. The readings, which were written by notables ranging from Benjamin Graham to some of today's thought leaders, can help prepare carrent investors for future challenges and opportunities."
Abby Joseph Cohen, CFA, Goldman Sachs, former chair, CFA Institute

"This anthology of papers on cash flow, dividend, and options-based valuation techniques is a useful reference tool, botte as a historical perspective and for sourcing state-of-the-art practice. Academicians and practitioners alike will find the research articles, case studies, and examples thought-provoking and highly valuable."
Scott D. Stewart, PhD, CFA Member of the Board of Directors Boston Security Analysts Society

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Date de parution 15/01/2013
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Auteur(s) David T. Larrabee, Jason A. Voss
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Valuation Techniques - David T. Larrabee - Jason A. Voss |
Valuation Techniques
83,00 €